Animal Health

Supporting the Animal Health Industry with advanced bioanalysis and specialized resources

Animal Health

The market for veterinary pharmaceuticals and vaccines is currently estimated at $22 billion per year, and is projected to grow by approximately 6% annually. As the burgeoning middle classes in developing markets such as China and Brazil continue to expand, demand for drugs and vaccines by both private and agricultural interests are expected to follow suit. This fact certainly isn’t lost on the pharmaceutical industry. Over the past several years giants like Merck, Eli Lilly and Zoetis have been pursuing mergers, spinouts and acquisitions to secure a promising place in these growing nations.

Unlike traditional preclinical or clinical studies, the FDA’s Center for Veterinary Medicines (CVM) requires the submission of significantly more information including all raw data generated, chromatograms from failed runs, SOPs and personnel records. In order to help streamline the submission process, Alturas Analytics has developed custom reporting templates that conform to the CVM standards. In order to provide a more seamless transition for your drug candidate, Alturas Analytics, Inc. has also formed several strategic alliances with in-life facilities - both domestically and abroad that have companion- and farm-animal handling capabilities. This allows Alturas to function as a “one-stop shop” while maintaining a single point of contact and continuing to focus on our bioanalytical strengths.

As the needs of the regulated pharmaceutical industries continue to evolve and expand, it’s imperative that CROs be able to adapt their services and expertise in order to provide the latest inbioanalytical support. Alturas Analytics, Inc. has the instrumentation, capacity, and experience to provide excellent bioanalytical support for animal health medicines. With more than 25 years of combined experience in Animal Health and over 100 years of combined bioanalytical experience, our scientists have developed numerous proprietary and non-proprietary bioanalytical assays.

Whether your candidate is a new chemical entity, novel formulation, or bioequivalent drug we can help make your program a success.

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