Current Status and Alturas’ Ongoing Response to COVID-19

Data Delivery and Reporting

Rapid Turn-Around

Delivery of SEND-compliant datasets on time with the highest level of integrity is our greatest priority.

Alturas Analytics, Inc. is recognized throughout the pharmaceutical industry for managing quick turn-around times while providing quality data. Our turn-around timelines are flexible and capable of being customized to our sponsor's needs on a case-to-case basis. Alturas Analytics consistently maintains a capacity reserve for expedited sample analysis and data delivery in order to maximize convenience for our sponsors.


Report templates are standardized and can be personalized to Sponsor requirements. To streamline the generation and review of reports, Alturas implemented LABIntegrity: StudyDocTM Report Writing Manager an automated, adaptable program designed specifically for compliance. Data is date and time stamped and directly imported from the Thermo Scientific WatsonTM database via locked field codes ensuring that table data cannot be modified which greatly reduces the review time. The program collates, organizes and generates reports using custom templates with the flexibility to edit text fields if needed while data tables remain locked. Manual processes are minimized freeing valuable Technical Writer, Principal Investigator, and QA Auditor resources to expand in new directions that will enhance our current service offerings to the client.


All contracts are quoted per individual project under agreement of confidentiality and aligned with applicable Alturas Analytics SOPs. Proposals can be customized to accommodate the specific needs of each client. 

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