Data Delivery

Meeting and exceeding our sponsors' most demanding timelines

Data Delivery

Rapid Turn-Around

Alturas Analytics, Inc. is recognized throughout the pharmaceutical industry for managing quick turn-around times while providing quality data. Our turn-around timelines are flexible and capable of being customized to our sponsor's needs on a case-to-case basis. Alturas Analytics consistently maintains a capacity reserve for expedited sample analysis and data delivery in order to maximize convenience for our sponsors.

To ensure absolute accuracy of our analytical data, quality control samples are run with each batch of our customer samples. In addition, all analytical data goes through a stringent review process executed by analysts, supervisors, and quality assurance reviewers before a report is approved to be written.

Customized Reports

All reports written at Alturas Analytics can be tailored to meet our sponsors’ preferences. We offer QA audited reports in a variety of different formats, including Microsoft Excel® and Microsoft Word® as well as delivered directly from our Analyst® or Watson LIMS® software.


All contracts with Alturas Analytics, Inc. are quoted per individual project. Proposals can be customized to accommodate the specific needs of each of our clients. Confidentiality is understood to be of utmost importance at Alturas Analytics. We go to great lengths to protect your proprietary information. Every employee is individually trained on information security.

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