Current Status and Alturas’ Ongoing Response to COVID-19
Updated 02Apr2020

MS/MS Services

Expert GLP & Non-GLP LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS bioanalytical and biomarker quantitation services in small and large molecules- from small volatiles, antibody drug conjugates, to protein therapeutics in any biological matrix. We provide on-time delivery of quantitative bioanalytical method development, transfer, and validation, and sample analysis to support drug candidates from discovery through phase IV clinical trials.

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MS/MS Research

Our reputation as a research-intensive organization keeps us at the front of new MS/MS bioanalytical techniques. In collaboration with technology leaders, Alturas has a successful history of transferring novel ideas to productive solution for the pharmaceutical industry. Alturas reserves resources for challenging assays and rush requests.

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A known pioneer in MicroFlow Liquid Chromatography (MFLC) and its applications to small and large molecule bioanalysis, and an active contributor in applying new microsampling techniques to routine sample analysis, recent and past publications, video, newsletters, and poster presentations produced by Alturas Analytics can be found here. We have an impressive history of leading the bioanalytical services industry with contributions from our research.

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  • Alturas IT Make Critical Changes to Support Business Continuity During Pandemic

    Alturas’ Information Technology department has made critical and expedient changes to support our business continuity plan and adapt to the changing workflow influenced by the coronavirus. To enable more employees to work from home, we have doubled our internet bandwidth and acquired additional VPN authentication devices to accommodate all off-site employees. New collaboration apps are being integrated to maintain communication, efficiency, and workflow continuity for dispersed employees. We have also purchased new computers and updated lesser used workstations for employee use at home.

    The IT staff have moved to a coordinated schedule in order to offset shifts and minimize personal contact while still providing the necessary support for employees working irregular hours or weekends. Support practices have also been modified to further reduce personal contact and cross-contamination of computer equipment. 

    Alturas has accelerated the deployment of IT infrastructure at our future branch office. If needed, this space will provide additional workspaces to further reduce contact between personnel.

    As Alturas’ IT Department ramps up capacity for working remotely, and provides more tools for communication and collaboration, relevant security and compliance policies are continuously updated to ensure the data safety and security of client data.  All work being completed remotely remains in accordance with Alturas’ Standard Operating Procedures. 

    With ongoing changes during this pandemic, Alturas is committed to providing clients, sponsors, and collaborators with the same secure on-time, expert bioanalytical services. Our full operation is maintained with no negative impact to services or schedule.

  • Alturas Analytics Uninterrupted During COVID-19 with Integrated Data Management Software

    In 2018, Alturas launched a fully integrated real-time data management system to streamline all systems necessary for bioanalytical laboratory operations with high visibility, productivity and efficiency. This database, the Alturas Laboratory Interface Communications Equipment, or ALICE, has proven to be an invaluable tool during the current coronavirus pandemic.

    The impact of isolation during this time can pose difficulties if communication, lab supplies, equipment lists, test methods, project management, and invoicing are managed in separate locations with individualized design and use. Using ALICE, Alturas has not faced these traditional difficulties and has maintained the ability to continue focusing on sponsor projects. Alturas has been able to stay ahead of schedule to better serve our clients while providing the option for personnel critical to the operation to work remotely, maintaining workflow continuity.

    The standardized and customized software enhances remote work through quick and easy access to current project metrics including status, laboratory activities, batch runs, invoices, contracts with real-time visibility. Forecasting project timelines and potential bottlenecks has even greater importance during these unforeseen circumstances. Prudent resource management based on real-time data ultimately provides security and assurances throughout all laboratory operations.

    While Alturas is following CDC guidelines to protect the health of employees, ALICE is reducing disruption to Alturas’ business continuity. This custom built, integrated project management suite is transforming how our business can be conducted remotely indicating safety and health measures of COVID-19 will not provoke any insurmountable obstacles regarding business operations.

  • Current Status and Ongoing Response to COVID-19 - Updated 27Mar2020

    Alturas continues to closely monitor developments related to the COVID-19 outbreak and its impact to our location, services, and supply chain.  

    • Alturas Analytics is considered an essential business and will remain open during “Stay At Home” orders imposed through city, state, and federal regulations. 

    • Due to a decision to limit visitors at our facility, virtual audits are now available and can be scheduled through QA Manager David Schumacher, RQAP-GLP.

    • Resources are focused on Sponsor projects to stay ahead of schedule while providing the option for personnel to work remotely in order to maintain workflow continuity. 

    • Spare parts, excess supplies, and consumables are retained on site to ensure no supply chain interruptions.

    • With ongoing closures of global laboratories, Alturas is still in full operation and capable of supporting all bioanalytical services offered in our standard portfolio.

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