Alturas Analytics has a specially designed facility with segregated instrumentation laboratories and additional space to allow for growth.


  • SCIEX 6500+, 6500s, 5500s, API 4000s, Triple Quad LC-Mass Spec. Systems
  • Thermo Scientific™ TSQ™ 9000 GC-MS/MS Systems
  • Waters AQUITY UPLC® M-Class Systems
  • Shimadzu HPLCs
  • Thermo Watson LIMS®
  • HTDialysis Micro-Equilibrium Devices

Integrated Software Systems


Alturas incorporates a custom and powerful integration software system to streamline processes across all functions. ALICE (Alturas Laboratory Interface Communications Equipment) monitors laboratory operations from initial client contact to invoice creation to sample disposition. This interactive database  schedules timelines and target dates for data delivery,  prompts personnel for the next steps (review, data delivery, report, invoice generation), interfaces with Watson LIMS™, and tracks equipment for maintenance and calibration. This system also tracks metrics including number of samples/unit time and assay failure rate.  ALICE organizes project forecasts and provides predictive data for resource planning.


Alturas Analytics utilizes an in-house database application to manage and track chemicals, drugs, standards, and mix solutions. The application is capable of capturing weights from balances and is also utilized for monthly pipette verification. The Holmes (formerly known as CIMS) application complies with GLP and 21 CFR Part 11 regulations as required for use in regulated environment.

Speak with an Expert

Headshot of Jennifer Zimmer.

Jennifer Zimmer, PhD

Laboratory Director

Dr. Jennifer Zimmer is the Laboratory Director at Alturas Analytics, Inc. and has worked in the field of bioanalysis for over 20 years. Dr. Zimmer is responsible for the overall operation of the Alturas Analytics laboratory, ensuring client deliverables are met while working laterally with Alturas QAU to maintain laboratory compliance with all procedures and regulations.

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