2023 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference

  • Apr 23-26
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Conference

Tracks and Themes

Track 1: Advances in Therapeutic Development Across Modalities

Track Theme: Recent advances in therapeutic development across modalities, including gene therapy, cell therapy, and innovative therapies based on traditional modalities.

Track 2: Turbocharging Innovation in CMC — Driving Back to Rational Drug Design

Track Theme: Beyond the innovation in drug discovery, pharmaceutical and biotechnology communities are embracing emerging opportunities and advancements in Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) in all stages of the drug development life cycle. This track focuses on the emerging landscape of non-traditional platforms for drug delivery and novel modalities, such as cell and gene therapies. Discuss frontiers of drug and formulation design in biologics development, modern experimental, computational, intelligent analytics, regulatory perspective, and bioengineering.