Meet with Alturas at the PBSS Workshop on ADCs

PBSS-San Francisco Bay Workshop

Antibody Drug Conjugates from Discovery to Development:
Chemistry, Engineering, Characterization, CMC, PK/Tox, Clinical Design and Intellectual Property

Meet with Alturas representatives at the upcoming PBSS-San Francisco Bay Workshop on March 28, 2024. Major Sponsor presentation to be given by Senior Scientist II, Sharon DeChenne. View Meeting Agenda


ADCs present unique bioanalytical challenges due to their complexity and require a thorough understanding of the chemistries and interactions between each component of the conjugate. With Alturas’ research experience and recent advances in LC-MS/MS, automation and immunocapture technology, we are able to perform each component of the conjugate on a single platform. Alturas has:

  • Developed and validated >30 LC-MS/MS methods for conjugated and unconjugated payloads
  • Developed and validated all ADC methods in compliance with FDA and ICH bioanalytical guidelines
  • Collaborated on various unique ADC programs and analyzed >30,000 ADC samples
  • Analyzed thousands of protein samples by LC-MS/MS of signature peptides

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