Bioanalytical Perspectives on Microsampling

  • Oct 18
  • Online
  • Webinar


Microsampling enables increased sampling frequency for animal and human studies and decreases barriers to clinical trial enrollment. These benefits lead to larger and more inclusive datasets, but bioanalysis of microsamples does come with unique challenges. Here we: discuss the use of automated pipetter robots to improve workflows for dried blood spot analysis, demonstrate the applicability of dried matrix spots for analysis of non-invasive matrices using the example of Tobramycin in human tears, and discuss practical aspects of Bioanalysis using volumetric absorptive microsampling.

About the Presenter

Jason Watts, Ph.D., is a scientist at Alturas Analytics Inc. focusing on HPLC-MS/MS techniques for method development, validation, and sample analysis of new chemical entities and biomolecules utilizing a diverse background in molecular genetics, animal nutrition, and over a decade of mass spectrometry experience to provide innovative solutions to bioanalytical challenges.