Quality from Home: Remote Review

  • Apr 12
  • Online
  • Webinar


Working from home is becoming an increasingly widespread practice, and FDAregulated industry is no exception. Even post-pandemic, it is likely that some staff in many companies will continue to work remotely for various logistical reasons. Some study activities must be observed in-person, but it is possible for quality assurance personnel to conduct a portion of study audits virtually. This poster will discuss auditing different types of data remotely, advantages and disadvantages of a work from-home setup for quality assurance personnel, and the practical equipment and personnel commitments necessary to streamline the process.

About the Presenter

Rachel Walker is an integral part of the Quality Assurance team at Alturas Analytics, Inc. Her focus on improvement of quality systems, attention to detail, and constructive attitude provides confidence that data delivered to our clients meets the highest standards of quality and integrity.