Using an Electronic System to Record Reagent Tracking and Solution Preparation

  • Sep 21
  • Online
  • Webinar


Chemical Inventory Management System (CIMS) is a custom-developed application by Alturas that has evolved from a small database for tracking of a few basic reagents to a system that currently functions as an electronic laboratory notebook (ELN), illustrated in the timeline below. An off-the-shelf ELN can be cost prohibitive and difficult to implement; the incremental process has resulted in numerous benefits. Traceability is critical to QA auditors when reviewing laboratory activities that involve the preparation of reagents and sample processing. Through the use of the CIMS database, QA can audit all materials used in each batch of samples. CIMS can also monitor pipette verification through an add-on module.

About the Presenter

Rachel Walker is an integral part of the Quality Assurance team at Alturas Analytics, Inc. Her focus on improvement of quality systems, attention to detail, and constructive attitude provides confidence that data delivered to our clients meets the highest standards of quality and integrity.