Looking Forward to 2017 and Beyond

A Message From Robin Woods, President

At Alturas Analytics, 2016 was the year for building infrastructure and preparing for growth to meet new challenges. With investments in capital equipment, scientific staff, a facility expansion, and company-wide software upgrade and integration, we enter 2017 with greater capacity and streamlined processes operated by an enhanced team of talented professionals.

The Year Ahead

With gains in sensitivity from a wide variety of analytical platforms in combination with the specificity of immunoaffinity capture, we anticipate an increase in the migration of large molecule quantitation to LC-MS/MS from traditional techniques. Alturas is engaged in a focused effort in this area to provide fully validated assays for biologics, whether protein and peptide therapeutics, biomarkers, antibody-drug conjugates (ADC) or RNA drugs to address the non-specificity and often lengthy development cycles of ligand binding assays. Routine LC-MS/MS bioanalysis of large molecules performed in a regulated environment is a great complement to our lengthy history and extensive experience with ADCs. With our scientific expertise and the loyalty of our ADC clients, this presents major growth potential for Alturas.

As a pioneer of dried matrix spot analytical procedures, we are encouraged with the resurgence of innovative developments in microsampling techniques as a viable alternative to standard blood draws. Collection cards, capillaries, swabs or other microsampling techniques are ideal when sample volume is limited such as with preclinical models, tears, support of pediatric studies or collecting samples in remote regions where centrifuges and freezers are scarce or nonexistent. Alturas remains an active contributor in the realm of microsampling techniques and we are currently working towards the use of NoviplexTM plasma extraction cards in support of regulated bioanalysis.  Unlike dried blood spot cards, plasma is extracted from a single blood drop so hematocrit effects do not exist, samples are more stable, and data is comparable with methods that use conventional plasma collection procedures. Microsampling is already embedded into routine preclinical workflows in the research environment.

Alturas has much to look forward to in 2017 and beyond with enhanced, streamlined operations and a deepened portfolio. Our timeline driven service strategy provides the culture for controlled growth and stability to succeed in a progressive industry that is constantly pressing the limits

The future looks bright and we are ready for the challenge. Wishing you all success in the new year!


Robin Woods