Alternative Testing Methods for Assessing Safety – SOT Baltimore

The 58th Annual Meeting and ToxExpo
Society of Toxicology

March 10-14, Baltimore, MD
Baltimore Convention Center

We look forward to seeing you in Baltimore for a week of innovation and the impact that emerging technologies has on human and environmental toxicology research. Join the discussion with Alturas Analytics’ Robin Woods, President, and Ann Hoffman, Director of Business Development.

Alternative Testing Methods to Assess Safety is an important shift from standard practices within toxicology research. Alturas Analytics is a known pioneer and active contributor in applying microsampling techniques to routine bioanalysis. Together with enhanced performance of analytical instruments such as microflow chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (MFLC-MS/MS), a single drop of blood can produce the precision and accuracy to meet regulatory standards.

Adoption of these innovative techniques by researchers presents great potential in reducing animal use, trauma to patients with life-threatening illness, analysis time, and the cost of conducting toxicological studies.