A Message from Alturas President Robin Woods

We started this year on a high note with the FDA’s approval of 37 novel drugs in 2022, of which 20 are for treatment of rare disease. Our vision to support transformative medicines for a healthier future motivates us to deepen our knowledge, direct our research, and diversify services to support new modalities in emerging markets that not only treat symptoms but cure diseases. I am honored to work in an industry that has the ability to alter the path of disease.

Alturas enters 2023 with growth in so many areas! Construction of our expansion facilities is well underway. It is exciting to watch the construction progress to accommodate our evolving business. We have added new talent every month for the last 18 months, as well as new instrumentation, and we are preparing to roll out new supporting services for our clients’ convenience. We continue to integrate and streamline existing processes and expand automation throughout our operation.

Sustainability of our environment and preservation of all living beings is a priority at the core of Alturas culture. Construction of the Alturas expansion presents the ideal opportunity to design features into the facilities. Installation of solar carports equipped with electric car charging stations are incorporated into the plan. Over the past year, Alturas recycled 1.5 tons of plastics, participated in shoe and battery recycling programs, and promoted a self-propel program for employees focused on reducing our footprint to help offset the effects of our industry to the environment.

I am most inspired by the depth and commitment of the Alturas team. Company-wide, our staff continues to broaden their knowledge and collaborate with other industry leaders through presentations, participation in expert panel discussions, and publishing important work. We work in a highly scientific world but our business is service. I am so proud when clients express their gratitude for our team and praise the degree of response and integrity of the personal services they received.

It is our relationships and the collaborative spirit we share with clients, co-workers, and suppliers that define Alturas’ 22-year history. I fully attribute the success of the company to everyone involved in this process. As we emerge from winter, we look forward to live events and meeting with colleagues for open discussions over coffee. And chocolate.

May 2023 bring peace and prosperity, and fine chocolates to your lives.

Best Regards,

Robin Woods