SelectScience Editorial: Biomarkers, Interview with Principal Scientist Ryan Schmich

An Interview with Alturas Principal Scientist Ryan Schmich

SelectScience Editorial Article: Partner with bioanalytical MS/MS experts to overcome biomarker assay challenges

Published by Carrie Haslam, SelectScience


“A significant portion of biomarkers are small molecules,

which require highly sensitive and precise techniques.”


– Ryan Schmich, Alturas Principal Scientist



Biomarker analysis is an essential component of drug discovery and development as it enables personalized treatments based on individual patient needs. Biomarkers provide vital insights into health status, disease mechanisms, and drug-patient interaction. Monitoring biomarker changes during treatment helps identify the patients who will benefit most from a particular drug, leading to safer, more effective therapies, and cost and time savings.

Quantitative mass spectrometry techniques such as liquid and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS, GC-MS/MS) are fundamental techniques used in biomarker analysis. These tools produce highly detailed and quantitative data on endogenous molecules, providing comprehensive insights. However, the development of accurate, precise, and reliable assays presents challenges that may impede the drug development progress.

Alturas Analytics offers customized MS/MS bioanalytical services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries on a global scale, covering the entire drug development process, from the initial discovery phase to late-phase clinical trials. Ryan Schmich, Principal Scientist at Alturas Analytics, speaks with SelectScience about the importance of choosing the appropriate method for biomarker analysis. Schmich explores how Alturas Analytics’ services play a vital role in tackling the challenges related to LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS bioanalytical assays.

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