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    Scientist Focus: Jason Watts, Ph.D.

    Jason Watts, Ph.D., is a senior scientist at Alturas Analytics, Inc., focusing on HPLC-MS/MS techniques for method development, validation, and sample analysis of new chemical entities and biomolecules.  A diverse background in molecular...

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    Scientist Focus: Jennifer Zimmer, Ph.D.

    Jennifer Zimmer, Ph.D. has been with Alturas Analytics since 2005. She has a vast background in bioanalytical as well as pharmacological science. As Laboratory Director, Dr. Zimmer is responsible for the overall operation and technical...

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    Scientist Focus: Chad Christianson

    Chad has 20 years of related experience as an analytical scientist with over 15 focused on bioanalysis at Alturas Analytics. This depth of experience in applied LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS, along with an education in chemical engineering...