Alturas Analytics 2020 – A Celebration of 20 Years: Select 2020 Presentations


The year 2020 has brought unprecedented events and a heightened urgency. For Alturas Analytics it is also the celebration of our 20th year of business success, through a focused emphasis on scientific integrity, teamwork and exceptional service.

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A Universal Method for the Quantitation of Multiple Oligonucleotides from Plasma by MFLC-MS/MS

Presented at TIDES by Alturas Senior Principal Scientist, Chad Christianson

Bioanalysis of oligonucleotides by HPLC-MS/MS in support of regulatory submission has not been widely adopted. Several obstacles such as lack of sensitivity, adduct formation, and analytical instrument dedication, are barriers that many laboratories are unwilling to challenge.

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Virtual Realities: Hosting Remote Audits (including FDA) in a Post-COVID World

Presented at APA by Alturas QA Director David Schumacher, RQAP-GLP

This presentation discusses expectations and logistics of remote audits for clients as well as the FDA, Alturas’ experience and procedures, and suggestions for hosting audits in a virtual setting.

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Microsampling for Special Populations

Presented at the Rozman Symposium by Alturas Senior Scientist, Jason Watts, PhD

Special populations present a unique challenge in bioanalysis that microsampling can help solve, although it is not without its own challenges. In this presentation, Alturas Analytics shares its success in utilizing microsampling techniques to improve the bioanalysis of small sample volumes and non-invasive matrices.

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Using an Electronic System to Record Reagent Tracking and Solution Preparation

Presented at SQA by Alturas QA Associate, Rachel Walker

Reagents and supplies used in the analysis of bioanalytical samples can be challenging to track. Alturas Analytics, Inc. has employed CIMS (Chemical Inventory Management System), a custom application that is Part 11 compliant, which utilizes electronic records to capture the preparation of all reagents at Alturas through bar-coded labels and to uniquely identify pipettes and electronically connected balances.

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Bioanalysis Zone Panel Discussion Round-Up: Gender Parity in Bioanalysis

Panel discussion featuring Alturas President, Robin Woods

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2020, Bioanalysis Zone brought together a panel of experts to discuss issues surrounding gender parity in bioanalysis.

Bioanalysis Zone Panel Discussion