Current Status and Alturas’ Ongoing Response to COVID-19
Updated 02Apr2020

Ongoing Research

Since its inception in 2000 Alturas Analytics has been pushing the boundaries of bioanalytical methods and applications in MS/MS. We are continuously researching and contributing to the modernization, advancement and implementation of various tools used to optimize a bioanalytical laboratory. Alturas has regularly contributed to development and research on new biological sample collection and preparation methodologies, used and implemented new chromatographic separation platforms and we will continue to enthusiastically pursue increasingly streamlined LC-MS/MS technologies.  

We credit our success to our team of highly educated and motivated experts and our unsurpassed commitment to new technologies and applications to the field of bioanalysis.  Being privately owned also gives us the flexibility to allocate a sizeable portion of our resources to research initiatives. Alturas reserves capacity for new research activities and has collaborated with national and international scientific product and instrument development companies.  This ongoing commitment to push the boundaries of bioanalytical methods and applications in MS/MS has yielded podium and poster presentations at national and international meetings as well as numerous publications in esteemed journals.     

Our well-earned reputation in the industry as a research intensive organization keeps us on the leading front of new LC-MS/MS bioanalysis techniques. Alturas Analytics is a known pioneer in MicroFlow Liquid Chromatography (MFLC) technique and its applications to small and large molecule bioanalysis. 

Recently the industry has experienced a resurgence of innovative developments in microsampling as a viable alternative to standard blood draws. Together with the enhanced performance of analytical instruments, a single drop of blood can produce the precision and accuracy to meet regulatory standards. Alturas Analytics is an active contributor in applying new microsampling techniques such as plasma extraction cards and calibrated capillary sampling to routine sample analysis. 

Our continued commitment to push the boundaries of bioanalytical methods and applications in MS/MS prompted research in PicofuzeTM technology that had promise to interface MFLC and MS/MS as well as other promising research topics. We are excited and proud to be a part of the process to help pharmaceutical companies make breakthrough therapeutics available to save and enhance life.