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Selected Publications

The use of automation in the bioanalytical lab
A compilation of articles, technical notes, and interviews regarding recent developments in software and automation tools for high-throughput bioanalysis and exploring how integrated systems can enhance bioanalytical sample analysis. 

Tech Note: Using an electronic system to record reagent tracking and solution preparation
Interview: Laboratory electronic systems: 60 seconds with Bo Cheng
Tech Note: Remote operation of a fully integrated bioanalytical lab

Recommendations for the content and management of Certificates of Analysis for reference standards from the GCC for bioanalysis
Joseph Bower, Jennifer Zimmer, Stacie McCown, Edward Tabler, Shane Karnik, Sumit Kar, Kurt Sales, Jennifer Vance, Colin Barry, Anahita Keyhan, Dave Williams, Todd Lester, Fabio Garofolo, Christina Satterwhite, Elizabeth Groeber, Heidi Renfrew, Jenny Lin, Stephanie Cape, Mark O'Dell, Xinping Fang, Ashley Brant, Wei Garofolo, Natasha Savoie, Roger Hayes, Sarah Simchik, Rachel Sun, Orlando Bravo, Dawn Dufield, Marsha Luna, Allan Xu, Cheikh Kane, Esme Farley, Mitesh Sanghvi, Amanda Hays, Steve Lowes, Rafiq Islam, Brian Hoffpauir, Chris Beaver, Kelly Dong & Daksha Desai-Krieger
Bioanalysis 2021 13:8, 609-619

Tucatinib Inhibits Renal Transporters OCT2 and MATE Without Impacting Renal Function in Healthy Subjects
Ariel R. Topletz‐Erickson PhD, Anthony J. Lee PhD, JoAl G. Mayor PharmD, Evelyn L. Rustia MD, Layth I. Abdulrasool MD, Amanda L. Wise MS, Ben Dailey MD, Sharon DeChenne BSc, Luke N. Walker MD, Stephen C. Alley PhD, Christopher J. Endres PhD 
The Journal of Clinical Pharmacology 2020

Validating stability and selectivity in the presence of co-administered compounds
Sharon DeChenne, Katherine Yahvah, and Jennifer Zimmer
Bioanalysis 2019 11:20, 1819-1821

Perspectives on gender parity in bioanalysis: an interview with Shane Needham
Shane R. Needham
Bioanalysis 2019 11:7, 665-666

Simultaneous extraction and analysis of multiple cystine-dense peptides by µSPE and microflow MS/MS from plasma
Mi-Youn Brusniak, Chad Christianson, Emily Witthuhn, Shane R. Needham, and James M Olson
Bioanalysis 2019 11:6, 485-493

Peptide and Protein Bioanalysis using Integrated Column-to-Source Technology for High-Flow Nanospray”
Shane R. Needham
Protein Analysis Using Mass Spectrometry: Accelerating Protein Biotherapeutics from Lab to Patient 2017, Chapter 5

Microspray and microflow liquid chromatography: the way forward for LC–MS bioanalysis
Shane R. Needham
Bioanalysis 2017 9:24, 1935-1937

HPLC Column Technology in a Bioanalytical Contract Research Organization
Ryan Collins, Shane Needham
LCGC North America 2016 34:4, 24–27

Clinical and Pharmaceutical Solutions through Analysis (CPSA BRASIL 2015): on the way to innovation – pharmaceutical/ analytical technology, regulation and knowledge management
Shane Needham, Nathan Yates, Rafael Barrientos, Martin Steel, and Mike Lee
Bioanalysis 2015 7:23, 2977-2979

Microspray and microflow LC-MS/MS: the perfect fit for bioanalysis
Shane R. Needham and Gary A. Valaskovic
Bioanalysis 2015 7:9, 1061-1064

Defining the Challenges of the Modern Analytical Laboratory (CPSA USA 2014): The Risks and Reality of Personalized Healthcare
Naidong Weng, Shane R. Needham, and Mike Lee
Bioanalysis 2015 7:4, 407-411

Beyond Dried Blood Spots – Application of Dried Matrix Spots
Shane R. Needham
Dried Blood Spots: Applications and Techniques 2014, Chapter 21

Conference Report (CPSA 2013): Connecting Patients and Subject Numbers through Analysis
Shane R. Needham, Noel Premkumar, Naidong Weng, and Mike Lee
Bioanalysis 2014 6:3, 281-285

Recent advances in the bioanalytical applications of dried matrix spotting for the analysis of drugs and their metabolites
Jennifer S.D. Zimmer, Chad D. Christianson, Casey J.L. Johnson, and Shane R. Needham
Bioanalysis 2013 5:20, 2581-2588

The advantages of microflow LC-MS/MS compared with conventional HPLC-MS/MS for the analysis of methotrexate from human plasma
Chad C. Christianson, Casey J.L. Johnson, and Shane R. Needham
Bioanalysis 2013 5:11, 1387-1396

Micro-LC-MS/MS: the future of bioanalysis
Don W. Arnold and Shane R. Needham
Bioanalysis 2013 5:11, 1329-1331

Conference Report: Transforming drug discovery and drug development through innovation: past, present, future
Shane R. Needham, Noel Premkumar, Joanna Pols, and Mike Lee
Bioanalysis 2013 5:3, 275-279

Conference Report: 4th Global CRO Council for Bioanalysis: coadministered drugs stability, EMA/US FDA Guidelines, 483s and Carryover
Steve Lowes, Jim Jersey, Ronald Shoup, Fabio Garofolo, Shane Needham, Philippe Couerbe, Tim Lansing, Masood Bhatti, Curtis Sheldon, Roger Hayes, Rafiq Islam, Zhongping (John) Lin, Wei Garofolo, Marc Moussallie, Leonardo de Souza Teixeira, Thais Rocha, Paula Jardieu, James Truog, Jenny Lin, Richard Lundberg, Alan Breau, Carmen Dilger, Mohammed Bouhajib, Ann Levesque, Sofi Gagnon-Carignan, Rand Jenkins, Robert Nicholson, Ming Hung Lin, Shane Karnik, William DeMaio, Kirk Smith, Laura Cojocaru, Mike Allen, Saadya Fatmi, Farhad Sayyarpour, Michele Malone, and Xinping Fang
Bioanalysis 2012 4:7, 763-768

Conference Report: Science and technology coming together to make a difference
Shane R. Needham, Casey J.L. Johnson, Roger Hayes, and Mike Lee
Bioanalysis 2012 4:4, 353-357

Maternal Plasma Advanced Glycation End Products Concentrations in Response to Oral 50-gram Glucose Load in Mid-Pregnancy: A Pilot Study 
Williams, M.A., Enquobahrie, D.A., Zimmer, J., Qiu, C.F, Hevner, K., Abetew, D., Christianson, C., and Sheaff, C.
Clinical Laboratory 2012 58:9-10, 1045-1050

Use of conventional bioanalytical devices to automate DBS extractions in liquid-handling dispensing tips
Casey J.L. Johnson, Chad D. Christianson, Chrystal N. Sheaff, Derek F. Laine, Jennifer S.D. Zimmer, and Shane R. Needham
Bioanalysis 2011 3:20, 2303-2310

Recommendations on: internal standard criteria, stability, incurred sample reanalysis and recent 483s by the Global CRO Council for Bioanalysis
Steve Lowes, Jim Jersey, Ronald Shoup, Fabio Garofolo, Natasha Savoie, Ejvind Mortz, Shane Needham, Maria Cruz Caturla, Ray Steffen, Curtis Sheldon, Roger Hayes, Tim Samuels, Lorella Di Donato, John Kamerud, Steve Michael, Zhongping (John) Lin, Jim Hillier, Marc Moussallie, Leonardo de Souza Teixeira, Mario Rocci, Mike Buonarati, James Truog, Saleh Hussain, Richard Lundberg, Alan Breau, Tianyi Zhang, Jianine Jonker, Neil Berger, Sofi Gagnon-Carignan, Corey Nehls, Robert Nicholson, Martijn Hilhorst, Shane Karnik, Theo de Boer, Richard Houghton, Kirk Smith, Laura Cojocaru, Mike Allen, Tammy Harter, Saadya Fatmi, Farhad Sayyarpour, Jenifer Vija, Michele Malone, and Dennis Heller
Bioanalysis 2011 3:12, 1323-1332

Conference Report: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Structure Analysis 2010: From Data to Biology: Analytical Measurements to Drive Pharmaceutical R&D 
Shane R. Needham, Mike Lee, and Petia Shipkova
Bioanalysis 2011 3:4, 359-362

Validation of HPLC–MS/MS methods for analysis of loxapine, amoxapine, 7-OH-loxapine, 8-OH-loxapine and loxapine N-oxide in human plasma 
Jennifer S.D. Zimmer, Shane R. Needham, Chad D. Christianson, Crystal M. Piekarski, Chrystal N. Sheaff, Keith Huie, Andrea R. Reed, and Lori Takahashi
Bioanalysis 2010 2:12, 1989-2000

Development and validation of an HPLC–MS/MS method for the analysis of dexamethasone from pig synovial fluid using dried matrix spotting 
Chad D. Christianson, Derek F. Laine, Jennifer S.D. Zimmer, Casey J.L. Johnson, Chrystal N. Sheaff, Anna Carpenter, and Shane R. Needham 
Bioanalysis 2010 2:11, 1829-1837

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