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Bioanalysis Zone Coffee Chat: the importance of patient-centric sampling

Shane Needham, Ph. D., Chief Scientific Officer and Co-Founder, with Stephanie Cape, Ph. D., and Melanie Andersion,  and of Thermo Fisher Scientific at AAPS 2016
June 2019

Shane Needham, Ph. D. on the Development and Validation of Assays on Bioanalysis Zone

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Ann Hoffman, Director of Business Development, with Dr. Rowan Moore of Thermo Fisher Scientific at AAPS 2016

November 2016, Denver, CO 


Shane Needham, Ph.D., Interviews with AB Sciex regarding HRMS adoption at CPSA 2014

October 2014, Langhorne, PA

Shane Needham, Ph.D., Presents at CPSA 2010

October 2010, Langhorne, PA 


Alturas Analytics Presents Their Service Offerings at CPSA

Presented at 12th annual CPSA symposium, Langhorne, PA